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Ecorche Class 8 of 16 by shalonpalmer Ecorche Class 8 of 16 by shalonpalmer
Ecorche Class 8 of 16, 2007
24" High
Oil clay; armature wire

This class we added the front quads on the thighs. We also started in on the hip and butt area - which we'll continue on next Tuesday.

The teacher seems to enjoy referencing dancers and horses during discussions - it's both educational and entertaining. Also a good chunk of talk goes into disection of cadavers which is quite interesting and is kinda sad (hopefully I won't come off sounding like a psycho...) it's kinda sad that they're only really done in medical schools, because I would love to see some of these structures vs. just seeing and imagining from illustrations or sculpted works which no matter how acurate - they're always an artist's interpretation.....


The class is Tuesday and Thursday nights at the New York Academy of Art. I will hopefully be taking pictures after every class - I'll post them up in my gallery and move the previous to my scraps. Eventually the figure will be 1/2 skeleton and 1/2 muscle.


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eyefeather Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2007  Professional General Artist
Cool! Well, there's always "Body works." The plastination tour. I'm thinking of donating myself.
shalonpalmer Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007  Professional Artist
Thanks for the link!! Yeah, on a similar note, the bodies exibit has been in nyc for forever now and i haven't made it in to see it yet. It's a different, unaffiliated exhibit - but close to me and I need to get to it before it closes... Also friends of mine are getting married in philly next month - so I'll have to get to the mutter museum too!! :D I think they're exhibits that I'll be interested in - but not sure if I would donate myself to them.........
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June 29, 2007
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